How to Watch Cable TV Shows and Movies on Your Wii or iPad

Although not meant to be designed with computer like capabilities, the Wii does have one specific feature that allows connectivity for additional entertainment as well as social interaction. Furthermore, in addition to all the well known gaming system has to offer there are channels that allow anybody the ability to watch cable tv shows and movies. One such way is through Netflix, a subscription based service that offers something for every movie lover. Once signed up for the streaming portion of the service and a strong Internet connection is established simply go to the Netflix Channel sign in and enjoy.

Youtube & Google

A couple other popular ways that are mostly compatible with the Wii system is Youtube and Google Videos. Easily accessible through the Wii’s Internet Channel, these two video services use Flash technology. While these technology only works with any version of 7.0 and above there is no need to sign into the service and best of all both are provided free of charge. Even though signing in is not required it will be required when accessing any personal playlist. The only downside to videos through Google Videos is the accessibility is limited to those that are Google based.

PlayOn TV

Yet another route that can be taken in regards to the way cable tv and movies are viewed on the Wii is through a service known as PlayOn. The service is a stream based service that is downloaded through the computer as any other software is. After checking the system requirements and downloading the software simply go to the Internet Channel on the Wii and type in the following website in the address bar: After checking browser settings and adding the site to the favorites list all that’s left to do is browse, and select.


The final way is through a program called TVersity. Although it requires more know how in terms of computer skills. Again all that is needed to begin is download and install the program and then begin adjusting the settings in the following areas of the TVerersity program. It is advised that the Maximum Video and Image Resolution, Optimization, and Compression all be looked at. Next, begin adding the web addresses and adding them to the TVersity Library. Finally, obtain the IP address through command and access it through the Internet Channel on the Wii by going to youripaddress:41952/flashlib.

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