How to Speed Up Google Chrome Web Browser

Google ChromeGenerally speaking, you”re going to find most Web browsers you download are actually far faster than those that come on the computer. Both Internet Explorer and Safari are fine browser in their own given sense, but there are better, faster options available to you. One of the very best internet browser is Google Chrome. This application from Google runs fast, but there are other options available for you to improve the speed even faster.

Remove Add-Ons

If you want to speed up the service or find it is no longer running as quickly as possible you need to delete any additional features you have installed to run along with Google Chrome. These are usually toolbars found at the top of the internet window. These are just going to slow the system down. Remove the add-ons and you”ll see the speed Increase.

Clear Out Cookies

When you visit a website a cookie is placed onto your computer. This helps the website remember you and your computer remember the website. However, this also slows down the computer. To clear it out go into the tools menu in Chrome and clear out both the cookies and the browsing history. This frees up space on the browser and should help it run faster.


Update to the latest version of Google Chrome and also update all of your Java settings. Outdated Java settings are going to slow down the browser and the videos and websites you attempt to view on the program. Once you update the content and it is completely installed you are going to notice an instant difference in how fast you browse the Web.

Remove and Close Programs

If your computer is running out of RAM due to other programs running on the computer you need to close out these programs. By closing out the programs you are going to see an instant pick up in the speed. You also might need to delete programs from the computer because this might end up taking up too much storage space. As the computer begins to run out of hard drive space it is also going to slow down the computer system and the internet browser.

Move Closer to Internet

The slowdown might just be because you are too far away from an internet connection. If at all possible you need to move closer to the wireless internet location in order to improve the connection speed.

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