How to Increase Your Internet Speed for Free

Although large number of people are getting fast broadband connections these days, but still many of them complain that their connection runs slow. This problem occurs due to several reasons, but you can use various tips and tricks to fix the issue. Let’s have a close look at few of them.

* You should close all programs that continuously use internet. Programs such as MSN, AIM and Skype constantly use bandwidth to connect to their chat server to get buddy list and information. Therefore, they silently suck your internet connection dry.

* You should also close all other programs that run in background and are not necessary at the moment, as they consume lots of RAM, so less of it goes to your internet connection. RAM is crucial for high internet speed.

* You should limit the number of web pages you open at a time. Opening 20 web pages simultaneously will make your connection run slowly. In most of the browsers, the web pages are refreshed even few seconds, which means if you have many of them, your connection will run slow.

* Various browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Chrome have different speed and features. Opera and Chrome are fast, and if you want extra features, you can try Firefox.

* You should also stay off from various Email programs such as Thunderbird and Outlook as they can make your internet run slower. Aside from continuously checking from email, they also download loads of other data as well.

* Wireless internet connections are much slower than wired ones. If you have more than one device connected on your Wi-Fi network, they all will dumb down the speed of the slowest device. You can also improve internet speed by resetting your Wi-Fi router.

* You can consider changing your ISP and choose the one that offer fiber optics and fast DSL.

* You should disable images and sounds in your web browser to speed up your internet connection. Images and sound on web pages take lots of bandwidth and time resulting in a slow connection.

* You should clean out your registry. It is a database that stores your PC settings, but can also make your internet connection slow. Each time you connect to the internet, your computer OS accesses PC settings to get information on ports and devices to use for the connection. However, some of these settings may get damaged with time, making your connection slow. You can use registry cleaner to fix this issue.

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