Educational TV Shows for Adults and Children

Educational programs cause viewers to think about things in a different light. Suppose you’re watching a show about different cultures and how their lifestyle varies from the United States. Soon you find yourself thinking about how you may or may not like how they do certain things but agree in other areas. Educational programs help individuals learn numerous new things. The best part, it’s not just for children.

The list below offers insight about the best educational programs for viewing in the United States. Certain programs are for children and others for adults. Individuals will definitely learn new things with the programs below.

Educational Programs for Children

  • Sesame Street – Sesame Street has been around since 1966. This show enables young children to learn counting, alphabet and how to make sentences properly. It’s a great show for young children to watch before starting school.
  • Barney – Barney consists of a purple dinosaur and all his friends including young school age children. Barney teaches young kids how to use their imagination to create a fun time through songs and dance. The showed aired in 1992 and stopped in 2009. However videos and DVD’s still exist for parents who wish to share this great program with their children.
  • Baby First Channel – The baby first channel aims for infants to age five. The show has several different themes like song and dance, counting, sign language and more. Different people or characters read and teach children numerous ways to learn and has even helped younger children learn to talk.

Educational Programs for Adults

  • Myth Busters – Myth busters prove what a myth is by demonstrating different scenarios. One scenario might be proving whether bullets will blow up a car. The demonstrations shown are in safe environments.
  • Storm Chasers – Storm chasers are a fast paced show to watch if you love weather related programs. The chasers ride in vehicles equipped with technology to monitor and video severe storms then send the information to weathermen. Viewers learn how storms start and how quickly they end without warning.
  • How It’s Made – This program is wonderful for people that wonder how even potato chips exist. It provides knowledge and steps that manufacturers use to produce everything people buy on a daily basis and even items they use regularly.

This was just a small list of programs that are fun to learn from. There are many more shows individuals can research based on their likes and dislikes. Discovery and Science channels offer the best programming for adults. PBS and Nickelodeon channels offer the best programs for younger children.

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