DirecTV vs. Dish Network – Which Should You Choose?

Satellite television has now become one of the most popular ways for consumers to gain access to their favorite television channels. It used to be that only those who lived in rural areas would choose to go with a satellite television provider. Now, however, more and more people are realizing that they can save a great deal of money, while getting access to the channel that they love, by going through a satellite television provider. The two biggest names in a satellite television world are, of course, DirecTV and Dish Network. But which option is the best for you?

Dish Network

For a very long time Dish Network cornered the market when it came to satellite television which is why their name is so well known today. There are many different packages available through Dish Network, and when comparatively shopping between the two companies you will see that it is easier to get a cheap package through Dish than it is through DirecTV. The company provides over 250 channels including primetime channels like HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. When it comes to DVR packages, Dish offers a program that they have named the “Hopper”. This is a whole home DVR system that runs on a central DVR box with other, smaller receivers being placed at every television in the home. This allows you to watch for different television shows, even moving in between rooms, without disturbing the programming on any other television in the home. It also has can AutoHop feature that allows you to skip commercials easily.


Just as well-known as Dish Network is DirecTV. This company offers over 300 channels of viewing pleasure and has programming packages that are similar to those that Dish offers. This satellite companies prices are a little higher than its competitors but the company also offers more HD channels than Dish does. DirecTV also has a DVR package that they have named the “Genie”. The Genie allows you to record up to five different programs in high definition at the same time and also gives you the ability to watch it in any room in your home. Many customers like this DVR option better than the Dish Network Hopper because you only need to have one central unit to run it.

The Verdict

If price is your bottom line, look to Dish Network to help you out. They have a fairly cheap package offering that allows you to get some decent channels without paying for ones that you don’t want. DirecTV, however, is the company to go with if you love your DVR and you want to have more channels in HD.

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