Comcast vs DirecTV: Which is Better?

The fight over which company has the best television and internet service is an old one. Both Comcast and DirecTV claim to have the best service and value for your money. Both have been in the television program and internet service businesses for years. We’ll put each to the test and see how they stack up.
Comcast vs DirecTV Comcast’s basic service starts at $39.99 for twelve months with HBO and HD DVR included. They have the most HD television shows and movies. Comcast also has the double-play deal for $69.99 which includes television service and cable internet service. Telephone service is available at an additional cost. Comcast’s all inclusive service (including telephone service) is $99.00 a month for the first twelve months with a 2 year agreement. A free $100.00 Visa prepaid card is included in the offer, as well as 3 months of free HBO service. Comcast offers free installation.

DirecTV’s basic service starts at $29.99 a month for one year; a 2 year agreement must be signed to get that price. The package includes NFL Sunday Ticket and Genie HD DVR service. They have the most HD channels and offer free professional installation, no equipment to buy, and no start-up costs. DirecTV also has a television service and internet bundling deal for $69.99, though DirecTV’s deal also features Verizon home phone service.

Comcast and DirecTV offer customers similar pricing in their deals. Comcast’s service is a bit higher, but no contract is needed for service for the basic package. Inclement weather can affect both companies’ service, but tends to more often affect the service of DirecTV. If you want more reliable service and more HD programming the choice is probably Comcast. However, if you’re willing to spend a little bit more, and require home phone service then DirecTV is probably for you.