How To Set Up Basic Cable In An Apartment

If you”re moving into a new apartment in the near future, then you”ll have to set up your utilities. How long would you be able to stand not having your favorite television programs to enjoy? You should try to call the cable company you”ll be purchasing service from in advance of your move. Make sure that you can have someone come and install the necessary cabling wires if that”s necessary either the day you move in or the day after. Unless the apartment you”re moving into is very old, the necessary cable outlets should already be provided in the home. If not, you”ll have to get permission from the landlord to have the cable company install the necessary equipment.

  • One thing to be cautioned against is hidden fees.
  • These can range from unfair, extra installation fees, to unnecessary monthly fees for your service.
  • Prior to your move into a new apartment, it”s wise to shop around for the different cable companies that provide service for your area.

There”s no better way to ensure a good experience than to see what others have to say about the different companies. If certain companies make a habit of charging more than they claim to, then it”s a good hint for you to avoid doing business with them.

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  • You should definitely brush up on your negotiating skills once you find a cable company you might like.
  • They will do almost anything to keep an unsatisfied customers, including throwing in free channels, giving you discounts on your existing bills, and other special promotions.
  • Make sure your complaints are at least somewhat valid. In other words, you should not simply try to scam the cable company into giving you better prices without voicing legitimate concerns about your service.
  • You might find many companies willing to work with you to get superior service for a good price.

Setting up your cable in your apartment isn”t hard. Timing is going to be the most important factor that should garner your attention. Try hard to have the cable set up as much as possible the day you move in. Make sure to do this with your other utilities as well, such as water and electricity. You may not need your cable the first day you move in, but it would sure be nice to have it in case you do. Look for good companies to deal with, especially ones that don”t overcharge for basic services.